Obsidia Bag - Green

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Bag made with cactus vegan leather, main compartment with flap and clasp, old brass metal chain.

Simply magnificent, this is the Obsidia Bag in green, a simple piece that enhances the natural essence of Titino`s accessories. In the same color as cactus, which she carries in her soul, the Obsidia Bag calls us to wear this sustainable accessory with pride and to show it off for every occasion.

  • Height: 19 cm.
  • Width: 27 cm.
  • Depth: 7 cm.

  • Peta - Approved vegan
  • 100% cruelty-free
-If you notice any stain or dirt on the nopal skin, use a damp cloth to remove it.
-Avoid submerging the accessory in water.
-If you want to clean the lining of the accessory, always dry clean it.