Cactus Vegan Leather?

Yes, this type of leather or material is considered vegan because it does not come from any animal and ground cactus is used for its elaboration.

Unlike synthetic leather, this leather has a high percentage of organic content (cactus), which directly benefits our planet by reducing the polluting effect of the material.

The cactus vegan leather is a proudly Mexican invention, the result of the ingenuity, dedication and perseverance of two young Mexican entrepreneurs.

Is this vegan leather approved by PETA?

That's right, our vegan leather is certified "PETA - Approved Vegan", which means that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the world's largest animal rights organization, certified that there is no suffering or death of any animal for the production of the vegan leather we implement in our products.

Does this vegan leather has the same resistance as animal leather?

Yes, this leather is very resistant, in fact, the wear and tear tests implemented on it gave surprising results, which proves that it has a similar resistance as any animal leather.